Welcome to RIEKO

A village within a village

RIEKO VILLAGE offers a platform that brings the aged persons ,young people   and the children together through programs and activities that uniformly serve different age groups’ needs, making them benefit from each other’s skills and talents while using one another as a resource, hence promoting intergenerational engagement.

Home visits & adult daycare

Junior education & additional learning

Community advocacy and skills training

Learning is a continuous process irrespective of age. We encourage the active participation of our beneficiaries by engaging in various activities. The young people will be learning different skills such us how to prepare traditional deliciousness, art and craft, culture, and tradition through stories among others. The old people will get opportunities to connect with the internet world, learn new languages express themselves through stories, etc.


Many old people are living in isolation and loneliness. The majority are not able to find somebody whom they can freely talk, or even share with the challenges they are experiencing in life. At RIEKO the old people will be able to meet with one another. Participate in activities like gardening, storytelling, or even backing. This will not only help in reducing emotional stress but will also enable them to be physically fit. Old people just like children require attention and care.

A lot of things are considered to be taboos in our communities including, witchcraft accusations, menstruation, sexual gender-based violence dementia, and many more. People do not want to talk about these topics. In our community farm, we will create opportunities for free engagement and discussions on unspoken topics, we will create awareness in the community among the young people, the old, and even the children.


Environmental conservation


Climate change is totally bringing the world to a standstill. Food is becoming scares every day and the majority of old people are going without food. 

Food biodiversity loss is a global challenge. Most indigenous fruits and vegetables are becoming extinct due to climate change. We are working with members of the community to combat the situation by putting up community garden models, that will not only help in providing food to the community but also provide opportunities for conducting food literacy among other topics. And equally fighting loneliness and isolation among old people hence intergenerational care. We will also engage the  children and young people in tree planting and training the farmers on the best farm practices.  


We are working towards achievement of SDG