Environmental conservention

Rieko village is a space provided that will be addressing the problem of the aged persons, through the integration of children, youth, and the old people.

This village will be established on 2 hectares of land that was donated by my mother in the village. And it will accommodate children of age 7 years and above who will be visiting after attending their regular school sessions. Youths of 18 years and above. And old persons of 60 years and above.

We will adopt the model of the village within a village in which the aged persons will be invited to the center, and those willing to come will have access to the village, which will allow them to interact with the children and the youths via various pre- organized daily activities like growing organic vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants in our botanical garden. This will enable them to become physically fit. Our beneficiaries will also use the harvest for their own consumption and could even sell the excess for money.

To attract young people and children into the space, we will adopt the NOOK concept. Which is a self-learning system. The children and the youth will access the village. They will be provided with materials necessary for self-learning like the internet, boards, papers, art and craft equipment among others. The village will thus act as an additional site for acquiring skills and experience of individual own interests. These opportunities will serve as an attraction to the youths and children since most of them do not have access to computers or smartphones at home.