The spirit of Ubuntu

Some words are harsh, others are cruel but this! is a bitter pill to swallow. I am still interested to know where we Africans lost it. The spirit of Ubuntu. The power of togetherness. I might have not seen much. But then I heard a lot. The great stories of our lands, The mighty men and women like Wangari Maathai.  I miss the days when “Kalongolongo” was the only game.  the days when fetching firewood and going for water together in a village was not corporal punishment. I yearn for the days when obedience was not an option but a general way of living. Those days when seeing an old person standing in a public vehicle while you are sitting was more of immediate imprisonment. I miss the days when I could be offered food by the neighbors and eat it freely without thinking of stomach aches. Where are the days when the family gathering was mandatory with no excuses? I am scared for the society I am seeing, for the children we are uprising, and for the mindset we are having. I must say I am. Any nation that lives by the blame game is bound to fail. The question is how frequently you blame others. Prices of goods went up… it’s the government. Youths do not have jobs…the government, HIV& aids rates are rising …the government. And by the way who is this Government? How about we change the question this way? What have I done? What am I doing and what will I do? It’s high time we save our motherland.