Community Advocacy

Having volunteered in various organizations dealing with aged persons and having experience working with them, I will be offering counseling sessions together with a registered nurse. We will offer monthly health checkup within the organization to ensure the beneficiaries are healthy. We will also include pet therapy by having animals like dogs and cats in the organization


To make the home more interesting, over time we will establish a Cafeteria at the front of the village that will serve traditional meals like ugali and tillapia fish curry. Which is often desired by the aged persons. The young people will get the opportunity to learn some of the new recipes. We will mainly offer traditional delicacies that are getting extinct to help in restoring food biodiversity. Musical instruments and other artifacts will also be displayed. This space will be open to outsiders which will give the youngsters a chance to interact with the aged persons and understand the Kenyan culture better. This might even bring back a lot of childhood memories of spending time with their grandparents. The vast gap between the aged and the young that encourages superstitious beliefs related to the aged will thus be slowly diminished.

As it is now we will be having our beneficiaries during the day and they go back to their homes in the evening. In five years we will put up a residential home, for at least five beneficiaries.